At Bækskildegaard we offer two cosy holiday apartments, which we call House 1 and House 2. The building that holds the two apartments is close to Bækskilde Beach, where our sauna is located. If desired, the season’s fresh greenery from the greenhouse can be provided. Both houses have a shared washer and dryer.

House 1

House 1 welcomed it’s first guests in 2003.  It’s located on the south side of the building, and with two floors available, House 1 accommodates up to 5 people. On the ground floor, there is a cosy living room with radio and TV with DVD, and a kitchen with a wide range of utensils for use. The first floor holds two bedrooms, each with double beds. The bathroom has underfloor heating. In addition, house 1 also has a beautiful view of the sea, where you can see the island of Ærø, our garden, forest, and greenhouse.

House 2

House 2 was opened to guests in 2005 and accommodates up to 6 people with 3 bedrooms, 2 with double beds and 1 with two single beds. The kitchen also offers a wide range of kitchen utensils and a dishwasher. The bathroom is with bathtub and underfloor heating. House 2 also has radio and TV with DVD. House 2’s balcony overlooks the garden, and it has a large wooden terrace.

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House 1 - Two-storey floor plan

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House 2 - Two-storey floor plan

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400 meters from Bækskildegaard lies Bækskilde Beach, where our fireplace-warmed sauna stands. Here you can relax while looking into flames and overlook the sea.

If desired, we can offer seasonal organic fruit and vegetables from our greenhouse or garden and eggs from our chickens. In addition, we bake bread for our guests and make jam from strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries.

On the island of Drejø, there is an inn and a small shop with everyday goods. A farm shop offers meat from local lamb and Galloway beef.

All in all, Drejø offers tons of room for tranquillity and relaxation, but also for activities, nature, sunlight and the occasional storm. We work in the garden, greenhouse or in the furniture workshop.

On the mainland is the city of Svendborg, the capital of South Funen. It has a harbour and good shopping opportunities. Svendborg is also a good starting point for many excursions to castles and museums.

Prices per week (Saturday-Saturday) 2024

Period In these weeks House 1 House 2
A 02 – 18 / 38 – 50 DKK 5.570,- DKK 5.940,-
B 19 – 37 / 51 – 01 DKK 8.540,- DKK 9.800,-



To ensure that the apartments are available at the time you are interested in renting, we recommend contacting us with a request in good time, as they are often booked several months in advance, especially in the summer weeks.

In the prices, Danish VAT of 25% as well as nice bedding and towels are included. We request our guests to bring their own beach towels and slippers. If needed, a child seat and a baby bed can be provided free of charge. The cost of electricity and firewood is settled after the stay, the final cleaning charge is 1.000 DKK in House 1 and 1.225 DKK in House 2.